How It Works

Here’s How

It’s not unlike counting cards at the Blackjack table. If you know what cards have already played, you know what cards could be next.
Developed by a leading European statistician

By tracking the patterns of past winning numbers, you’ll improve your odds from well over 1,000,000 to one…to as low as 10,000 to one or less.

Easy to use

You’ll have the tools you need to increase your odds to win your favorite lottery games from Florida, Texas or California.

Probability Of Winning

Regular number picking methods
Using scientific data based on patterns


Select your state and the lottery game that you would like to play.


Look for patterns and make your predictions based on historical statisics.


Your selections are then crunched by our LottOh! SuperComputer.


The computer then delivers your picks with the best chance of winning.

Discover the smarter way to play the lotto with every pick!