LottOh is a mobile application which helps you to increase your chances of winning. We do not guarantee that you win the jackpot. Instead, LottOh provides an easy-to-use system to win smaller bets.



Instead of ‘playing” the lottery, isn’t it time you started “winning” the lottery?


The first lottery app for your smartphone that uses statistics and the laws of probability to help you pick numbers that have a higher chance of winning.

Lotto in UK

Lotto is the nation’s favorite game getting millions of people playing every week. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday cost two pounds a line and thanks to you; every time you play,national lottery projects across the UK benefits amazing starts with your pink ticket. Playing lotto could not be easier. Over 40,000 retailers are …

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Is it possible to predict lottery numbers?

Mathematician claims probability CAN predict lottery numbers more likely to be drawn (but you may need a maths degree to work them out)    A Brazilian mathematician claims it is possible to predict the results of a lottery draw by applying  complicated maths and probability theories. Renato Gianella has found it is entirely possible to …

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Basic Concept

It could truly be the most wonderful time of the year for lucky lottery players as both the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots are soaring. The combined values of the jackpots scheduled to be drawn this week is an estimated $614 million and will likely climb as players rush to get tickets last minute. The …

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